Woodland Pork


At Cabin Creek Heritage Farm, we don't raise ordinary pigs….. 

We raise Happy Pigs!


Our Berkshire Babes…

Our goal is to provide you the most delicious pork you have ever tasted and do it in a way that's good for you and good for the pigs!  We believe in raising pigs in their natural woodland setting, free of hormones & antibiotics.  No confined barns - just the sky, pasture, old oak trees and healthy soil! 

Woodland raising adds real value to the meat, and to the quality of the animal's life.  You can actually taste the difference!

We use the term "woodland" pork because our hogs live in part pasture, part wooded area with access to shelter. This benefits them in several ways -- they are happier, healthier, cleaner, less stressed and they can do with their snouts what God intended for them to do -- ROOT!

They love to root through brush, under trees and anywhere else they can to find goodies!  

Pigs are natural rototillers!


  Acorns are a favorite …. 

            Pig Candy!